Stand Design

For EDT Events, stand design is the art of creating a space-time architecture where the brand and people attending a fair, festival or market can share a fantasy in the form of an unforgettable experience.

We design stands that realise the objectives of the brand…

…and fulfil the expectations of those attending

We create interactions between the brand and the public, the memory of which is lasting and can be shared with friends and family.

En EDT Eventos disfrutamos diseñando stands

Marcas como Fotocasa, Movistar o LaLiga, ya han comprobado cómo nuestros stands hacen destacar sus productos.

Telefonica Stand at Mobile World Congress


The client’s goal

To create a multi-purpose and multi-task space at the Mobile World Congress that could integrate all of the company’s activities. What is more, this space had to stand out above the rest and be an advertisement to the 100,000 people visiting the event.


The EDT solution

The integration of all of Telefónica’s needs in a single space. Presided over by an enormous curved interactive screen that caught the attention of those visiting the fair, the Telefónica stand featured offices, a press area, a social space and a rest area.

Visitors could also use an interactive module to take a photo and share it on Social Networks with the hashtag of the Fair.

More than 100,000 attendees

The Telefónica Stand received a continuous flow of visitors during the 3 days of the event.

More than 200 countries
brought together

Visitors from more than 200 countries and more than 3,500 media outlets attended the Mobile World Congress.

Thousands of visits to the Telefónica space

During the MWC the Telefónica stand was well attended: thousands of people stopped in the space and interacted with the platform’s demos.

Connected Industry Stand (IoT)

Stand de Telefónica en Industria Conectada

The client’s goal

Telefónica wanted to create a simple but attractive space for visitors to the Connected Industry Fair in order to raise awareness of the progress made by its Department of Innovation and Technology.

Stand de Telefónica en la Industria conectada
Stand de Telefónica en la Industria conectada
Stand de Telefónica en la Industria conectada

The EDT solution

Based on the simplicity of the square, the circle and the triangle in Telefónica’s Internet of Things logo, we created a comfortable and spacious stand to exhibit demos of 3 of the brand’s most innovative products in the connected industry sector.

300 + demonstrations

The demonstration videos were seen by hundreds of professionals attending the Fair

Sustainable Stand

All of the pieces of the stand were made of wood and will be reused for future events and fairs, thereby reducing the ecological footprint.

Optimised space

With a floor area of 24 m2 and a height of 4 meters, the stand took full advantage of the space provided by the Fair.

Sportel Monaco 2017 Stand

Stand de LaLiga en Mónaco

The client’s goal

The main goal of LaLiga was to promote the national competition in order to increase the sale of television rights.

Stand de LaLiga en Mónaco
Stand de LaLiga en Mónaco- Pantallas
Stand de LaLiga en Mónaco- Parte trasera

The EDT solution

We created a broad and welcoming space, playing with different environments as needed. While the most spectacular images of the championship were used in one area to capture people’s attention, a more relaxed area was used to hold meetings with clients interested in television rights.

Pantalla LED de 1700″

Una pantalla gigante de 3,5m x 2,5m mostraba las mejores imágenes de los equipos de LaLiga.


Los asistentes pudieron probar por sí mismos la nueva app de LaLiga en smartphones y tablets. Además comprobaron la calidad de las nuevas cámaras 4K.


Se reservó un área para que los asistentes se reunieran e intercambiaran opiniones con los representantes de LaLiga o sencillamente se relajaran.

Stands para Spoiler Fest

Stand del Joven Sheldon en el Spoiler Fest

El objetivo del cliente

Dar a conocer las nuevas series para la nueva temporada televisiva de Movistar+ de una forma atractiva para los seriéfilos.

Stand de La Zona en el Spoiler Fest
Interior del Stand de La Zona en el Spoiler Fest
Stand de Vergüenza en el Spoiler Fest

La solución de EDT

Además de colaborar con la organización del propio evento, EDT fue encargada de realizar 3 stands de distintas series: Vergüenza, La Zona y El Joven Sheldom.  En todas ellas se prepararon actividades en la que los asistentes pudieran interactuar y meterse en la piel de los protagonistas.

La Zona

Una Black Box esperaba a los asistentes para que revelaran sus secretos más profundos con tinta invisible. Cuando lo hacían, una luz ultravioleta se encendía dejando ver los secretos de todos los asistentes.

El Joven Sheldon

Para esta comedia se preparo un test en el que los seriéfilos pudieron comprobar sus conocimientos… sobre la vida de Sheldon. Según el porcentaje de acierto reciban un coeficiente Sheldon.


Invitamos a los asistentes a despojarse de su vergüenza haciéndose una foto, delante de una pared llena de calzoncillos, para que la compartieran en sus redes sociales. Como premio, se llevaban uno de estos calzoncillos promocionales… todos sin estrenar.