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Eschew an ordinary company Christmas dinner with these ideas

Christmas, that season of family time, subzero temperatures, and luminous decor, is already all around us with just 30 days of the year left to go.  It gets us started thinking about making new resolutions, and our attitudes tend to shift toward more amiable dispositions. Stores, homes, and leisure areas give off that Christmas spirit which permeates everything, even companies, surprising and cheering us with tinsel wreathes hung about the offices, reminding us that it’s also the season to be jolly among bosses and colleagues.

It’s the time of year to draw up balance sheets, strengthen bonds, and motivate personnel (let’s not forget that Christmas bonus); time for one of the company’s nicest and most anticipated events—the Christmas dinner. There’s a lot of work to be done, and you have to plan what your company Christmas event will consist of this year.  Sure, you can organize meetings in your sleep, but today we’d like to propose some ideas for making your company Christmas event one to remember, or at least bring a unique touch to the traditional lunch or dinner.  Ring out the old year as auspiciously as possible and in good cheer!

Jot these down!

Skating rink

Ice, winter, and Christmas are three words that go together perfectly.  Who hasn’t gone ice skating with friends or family sometime?  It’s an original and fun activity sure to get a lot of laughter echoing around the rink.  Furthermore, it’s reasonably priced and no matter what city you’re in there will be plenty of options.


Why not hire a chef and cook together?  Cooking workshops, besides being all the rage, allow you to share in a relaxed atmosphere and discover the culinary talents of your workmates among jokes and confidences.  A “company-made” Christmas luncheon or dinner:  following the chef’s instructions, each person can cook a dish for another colleague, with the company’s best cook awarded at the end of the cook-off.

Paintball with targets:  the bosses

There’s nothing like a paintball gun for blowing off steam and letting out all the pent up aggressiveness of the year.  You’ll get some good exercise all together and tensions will be released.  It’s an adrenaline-fueled experience with a strong teamwork component which is sure not to break your budget.

Casino night

You can immerse yourselves in the gambling world for a night, and cast your chips on Blackjack, roulette, or bingo.  The goal is to amass (pretend) winnings at the different tables, to  then try and win the most prizes at the end of the night.  Dare to try a different kind of corporate Christmas event!

Create a time capsule

Here’s an idea for a lovely Christmas dinner tradition.  A time capsule consists of filling a box or chest with things like photos of key moments throughout the year, company profits, predictions for next year…

A year later, at the next Christmas event, you can open the capsule and experience a pleasant flashback.  You’ll be able to see what predictions came true and reminisce about past moments.

Worst Christmas sweater contest

In case you didn’t know, December 18th is “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” in the U. S.  Why not adopt this lovely celebration?  I’m sure you have one of those classic ugly and itchy wool sweaters with a Santa Claus, reindeer, or even Christmas trees (and if you don’t, it’s not hard to find one).  This is a daunting challenge—who found and dared to wear the ugly thing the entire day?  Everyone votes and the ugly winner can be awarded during the Christmas lunch or dinner.

Monologues?  Yes, please

A sure-fire hit for livening up your company Christmas event:  a monologist.  What’s more, in our country there’s no shortage of good comedians…  If you want your attendees roaring with laughter, you can personalize the show to include scenarios and aspects typical of your company.

Silly Prizes

After a year of hard work, it’s a good moment to recognize that everybody has their special niche at the office.  After drawing up a list of absurd accolades, you can give out cards to vote on everything from the Person Who Chews the Most Gum to Best Barista.

What do you think of these ideas?  Don’t be boring!  Any activity, as long as it entertains and amuses, will make your Christmas event a memorable time with workmates.  They are, after all, the people you spend the most time with.

And remember, EDT Events can organize your event quickly and fit any budget:  if you’re short on time, call on us.

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