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Free SEO tools to make your site known

The following 3 free SEO tools focus on website analysis, and traffic and conversion:

Google Analytics

This is an essential tool due to its varied functions, as you’ll be able to monitor visits to your website and user behavior, gain in-depth insight into page performance, obtain technical analysis reports, see the duration of visits, and track traffic to its sources, among many other things.  Although it’s not the most intuitive tool and takes time to understand and tweak to get the most out of it, it is easy and quick to install.

Yandex Metrics

This analytic tool enables you to track visitor activity on your website in video format, which is stored on the system for 14 days.  By looking through this document you’ll be able to understand browsing behavior on your site:  scrolling activity or what they click on, for example.  It includes several functionalities that Google Analytics doesn’t, and is therefore a great complementary tool.

Screaming Frog

This free SEO tool performs an SEO audit of any website.  It’s an application that crawls the page from top to bottom:  it tells you the number of text characters on each page, internal and external links, and metadata, as well as detects broken links and server errors.  It’s the ideal tool for fixing errors and improving web architecture and, while there is a paid version, the freeware version allows you to analyze your own project up to a maximum of 500 pages.

Free SEO tools for optimizing your blog

Having a blog on your company website is beneficial in every way, which is why we have one here at EDT.  The main reason is that it influences SEO positioning favorably,  the strategy being to hit keywords or phrases that are used as search criteria in search engines.  A page without new content won’t have the key search words to show up in every possible search result.

Next up are 3 free SEO tools with which to tackle the task of keywords and achieve your objectives with your blog:

Keyword Planner

The ad campaign tool par excellence from Google Adwords.  While that may be its main mission, it’s nevertheless also excellent for keyword analysis, as it can be used to scope out the competition and the monthly searches they’re turning up, turning it into one of the most interesting options of the moment.

Social Mention

A simple, quick, and effective search tool.  Entering any keyword returns its strength ranking and number of searches, hashtags, and related words found across blogs, microblogs, queries, images, and videos.


Until now, Ubersuggest had functioned solely on a keywords level:  upon entering a single word, the tool would bring up a list of further content and word ideas.  Although it still retains that function, the new 3.0 iteration has now been rolled out, packing even more possibilities, such as a list of a given domain’s best pages or the ability to analyze a domain and observe the evolution of its traffic.

Free SEO tools can provide you with results that will help you gain a better position among search engine results, but remember that it’s a medium- to long-term process.  So tell us now, have you ever tried out any of these free SEO tools?  What did you think?  Don’t be shy and share with us in the comments.

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