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Establishing ties with clients through Inspiring Marketing

For some time now marketing has consisted of more than mere product commercialization, analyses, and market segmentation.

Have you ever wondered just how many advertisements you receive in a day and how many of them manage to have an impact on you?  If you stop to think about the ones that actually have achieved their goal, you’ll notice a common factor.  The most successful ad campaigns are those that stir the emotions, inspire, and connect with you, the end consumer.

What is Inspiring Marketing?

Although it’s not an official academic term, nor is there a globally consented definition, the truth is that this concept is becoming more and more essential in marketing contexts when it comes to strategies for setting yourself apart from competitors.

We define Inspiring Marketing as a market technique specializing in establishing connections with people, a series of strategies focused on projecting and triggering ties and emotional connections with the user to draw him or her into contact with the brand and so begin engagement.

Consumers have gone from being merely that to become “prosumers”:  consumers and producers of that consumption at the same time.  Users no longer purchase nor wish to purchase only products or brands, but demand experiences and connections before offering up their loyalty.

Why use Inspiring Marketing?

If you manage to draw up a good content strategy that really hooks the user, you’ll have the following advantages:

Brand-user connection

Affinity with the target is the greatest competitive edge you can have.  On the one hand, the connection and relationship with those clients loyal to your brand will be strengthened through the creation of good content.  On the other hand, you’ll be able to establish the first links with the rest of the users, initiating your relationship with them and thus turning them into potential clients.

Viralization of content

The creation of content that entertains or moves the user, taking them beyond the simple pretext of a product sale, will make them want to share it with their followers on social media, quite an essential pillar of current consumers’ day-to-day life.  If the shared post then has an impact on their contacts, these will also share it, generating a chain bearing your company’s name—free publicity.

More sales

Behind Inspiring Marketing’s connection lies its true objective.  In the end, all of marketing strategy boils down to one purpose:  to drive sales more or less subliminally.  By strengthening the relationship with the consumer you will earn their loyalty, which plays out as a predilection for your brand above another and results in purchase.

When an experience is powerful, the user shares it on social media, gets in touch with the brand, and even buys its products.

How to carry out good Inspiring Marketing?

The objective here is the creation of emotional experiences that lead users to contact the brand in question, leading to further engagement or commitment.

To implement a strategy based on Inspiring Marketing it’s important to generate unique and emotionally engaging content.  You can choose the format which best adapts to your needs or one preferred or demanded by your target.  It could take the form of an image, a video, or a text, but the key is that the individual retain something in the long run, that they take something with them beyond the moment of consumption itself.  This is why original and unique content is essential.

On the other hand, you’ll need to do an active listening of the client or customer, as the key to effective Inspiring Marketing is to have the broadest knowledge of your commercial target possible.  The better you know them, the better you’ll be able to adapt your product and story to them.  Detect their needs, discover what most interests them, and offer them inspiring content.

The difference between being just a common brand and being a loved brand lies in inspiring the consumer…  so now you know, don’t leave Inspiring Marketing out of your strategy and communication plan.  It could end up being that crucial and differentiating point that gets your target to choose you in this world overcrowded with similar and repetitive brands.

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