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The New Universe Audi Q8

Client: Audi

Project:  national presentation of the new Audi Q8 to the media.

This past September, one of the kings of the automotive world wished to present the new Q8 universe in a unique and special way, and so they came to us.

We gave them four days, from the 24th to the 28th of September, in an incomparable setting in Alicante, full of exquisiteness, nature, simple luxury, and adrenaline.  Each day 24 journalists were able to test drive the new AUDI Q8 model:  15 vehicles awaited the total of 96 wordsmiths charged with the international presentation of the auto-world’s new dream.

The first session took place on September 24th.  The first group met at Atocha train station in the VIP room at 9:00 AM and, after nearly two hours in a high-velocity train, the guests arrived in Alicante where our team was ready to receive them.

Then the first contact was made.

The journalists were met mid-morning by a hand-picked team in the station parking lot and paired off to cover the first 104-km route, from the arrival point to the L’Escaleta restaurant, savoring its versatility…  But there were more surprises yet to come.  Besides feeling the asphalt under the tires, they were also able to take in the pureness of the Sierra Mariola Nature Park with an off-road drive.

After lunching at Chef Kiko Moya’s renowned establishment, boasting 2 Michelin Stars, they set off on the second route:  a winding stretch of 34 kilometers through the Guadalest Valley, a mountain pass, and myriad curves to put the Q8’s prowess to the test before arriving at the next destination.

The Vivood Landscape hotel where they would spend the night greeted them with two metallic sheets measuring 5 by 2 meters each, one bearing the two initial concepts and final version of the car and the other the word “WELCOME” and the AUDI Q8 logo.  Thus began their experience at one of the most exceptional hotels in the country, which included the press conference, gala dinner, and breakfast the next morning.

Before the press conference they had a moment to relax:  half an hour for a welcome drink, until 19:45.  After an exhausting hour of presentation, and serenaded by guitar,  piano, and a capella voice in turn, the guests finished the day of test-driving with an exquisite dinner.

The first group would cover the third and final route the next morning.  Breakfast was available to the reporters from 7:00 AM to build up their strength, because at 8:30 they set out on the final stretch from the hotel to the station in the city:  just over a pleasant hour’s drive.

The Alicante-Madrid high-velocity train departed at 10:30 AM, trading the coast for the Spanish capital.  As a farewell gift, continuing the line of luxury and simplicity, the journalists received the Google Home assistant and intelligent speaker courtesy of the brand.

After this, and in just over an hour’s time, our team had to prepare another welcome for the next set of 24 reporters, who enjoyed the exact same experience characterized by motor and sensory delight—and so on two days more.  Over the course of these 4 days, around 240 km were driven per day by a total of 96 guests, proving that the new model has no false pretensions.

EDT took care of everything, down to the last detail.

We decorated the metal structures covering the cars in the parking lot with the brand logo.

We drew up the driving routes, selecting the best stretches for putting the new Q8 motor to the test while enjoying spectacular views and nature.

We took care of the restaurant reservations and hotel booking.

Furthermore, all the areas used at the Landscape Hotel were also identified with Audi images and its logo:  the section where the press conference was held and the dining hall, which was also where breakfast was served the next morning.  We also placed an Audi Q8 in one of Vivood’s patios to remind the journalists at all times why they were there, and give them the chance to really soak in the details of the new king of cars for their presentation pieces.

We even picked out the parting gift.

EDT fulfilled its objective of impressing upon the 96 media representatives the possibilities and power of the new Q8 universe through a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So how about you… care to drive an Audi?


June 18, 2014


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