Expanding Korean cuisine in Spain

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Expanding Korean cuisine in Spain

Client: KOTRA

Project: K-Food Festival

KOTRA, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency of the Government of South Korea, wished to make known the variety and quality of typical Korean food products to the Spanish public.  Thus, with the objective of convening professionals from the food sector and communication media and Spanish influencers in order to promote their cuisine, they came to us.

And we at EDT set out to organize it.

In close keeping with the event’s main focus—the palate and its delights—we selected Kitchen Club as the ideal space for hosting this first edition of the K-Food Festival.  So it was that one of Madrid’s most renowned culinary schools, born of a passion for food and its preparation, came to be the scene of this particular gastronomic event on the 27th of November.  

Once we had located the perfect space for celebrating the festival’s first edition, the only pity was that we couldn’t let in even more people.  We had carried out an exhaustive search among media, professionals, and influencers aligning with the event’s profile, and having made our selections, sent out the invitations.  We were in for a pleasant surprise:  maximum capacity reached; the event was a guaranteed success.

The space was divided up and distributed among three complementary areas to cover all the exigences of an event such as this.  First of all, we readied the kitchen to handle all the presentations and culinary demonstrations that the K-Food Festival would be putting on for its guests.  The second section was the designated expo area, where we set up all the stands of the brands participating in the event, and where attendees could also ask questions about all the products they’d discovered during the show-cooking.  Then, as a delineation between the two spaces, we prepared a photocall area where guests could put on their best face before a photographer hired for the occasion.

When the K-Food Festival kicked off, it was Usun Yoon, well-known Korean actress and television personality, who acted as mistress of ceremonies.  After a brief opening talk to explain the event’s objective and a word of welcome from the head of KOTRA Spain, Jaewon Lyu, guests made their way to the kitchen for the presentations and demonstrations.

The gathered food sector and media professionals and influencers beheld a show-cooking ranging from the creative fusion cuisine of Luke Jang, renowned Korean chef and former apprentice of El Bulli and Mugaritz; the melding of Korean and Spanish recipes by chefs Giovanni Mauro Seu and Adrià Barutel i Gaspar; to the creations of chef Jason Roh based on 100% artisan Korean ingredients.

The kitchen was also the site of the K-Spicy Challenge:  a palatal showdown, with the two bravest palates winning a prize dinner at the distinguished Soma by Luke restaurant after trying typical Korean preparations with varying levels of spiciness.

The event ended with a tasting of some dishes prepared exclusively for the event, among which were tuna tartar, barbecue sirloin, and plum mojito.  Guests were thus able to fully immerse themselves in Korean gastronomy as they chatted with the experts present at each of the stands in the expo area.

As a parting courtesy, attendees received an exclusively designed tote-bag which included product samples and an informative dossier.

While guests enjoyed themselves amidst all the dynamic goings on, the audiovisual techs on the second floor were managing all the different screens distributed around the Kitchen Club, which ensured no one missed a single detail.  Furthermore, another part of the team took care of filming the whole event to then produce a video rounding up the anecdotes and various episodes of this gastronomic session.

After a full house and with the satisfaction of a job well done, we at EDT can say for sure that Korean food will not remain unknown in Spain for long thanks to the K-Food Festival.


June 15, 2014


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