Final of the Copa Libertadores 2018 between River Plate and Boca Juniors

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Final of the Copa Libertadores 2018 between River Plate and Boca Juniors

Client: Real Madrid/Conmebol

Objective: Final of the Copa Libertadores


By now EDT has established a good, long trajectory at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium…    We just about already know the floor plans by heart.  So who better than we to collaborate on the Copa Libertadores final? 

The transfer to our capital of the final match in one of the end-of-year’s most touted sporting events marked a milestone in EDT history as we took part in organizing the exceptional and unrepeatable meet between River Plate and Boca Juniors—the first time a Copa Libertadores final was going to be held outside of South America.

And so, to make everything ready for before and after the match, we set to work on the planning and building.


First of all, we tackled the fan zones, additional areas set up to offer each team’s following a space to gather and hang out until the stadium opened its doors at 17:30.

After cutting off the Castellana, we accommodated the River Plate fans in the zone situated between the Plazas Cuzco and Castilla, and the Boca Juniors followers on Ríos [Rosas] between Nuevos Ministerios and the San Juan de la Cruz plaza, both zones conveniently very near the Bernabeu.  Once they’d been shown to their respective zones, fans were able to retrieve their tickets at the booths there, enjoy a pincho at the bars to pass the while, and laugh and dance along to an on-stage DJ set.

The distribution, setting up, and all the logistics of the fan zones went according to plan, and the first hours of what would turn out to be a long day progressed with utter normalcy and without a hitch of any kind.  Still, the moment of truth was yet to come.

Game and post-game

At last it was time for the Copa Libertadores final to get underway at the Bernabeu.  Before the players took to the field, the EDT team unfurled the team crests, 20 meters in diameter each, upon the field.  We also displayed the official Copa Libertadores seal.

Once the match was concluded, amidst great ecstasy over River Plate‘s having defeated Boca Juniors by 3 goals to 1, an express setup took place on the field:  our technical crew outdid themselves by erecting a customized stage in just 7 minutes for the trophy ceremony, across which the players and coaches would pass.  What’s more, in that record setup time they also installed a press floor to make sure the moment was captured from the closest possible angle.

The Boca Juniors squad climbed the stage first to receive their finalist medals.  After that, River Plate raised the Cup of victory amidst explosions of colorful streamers and bursting flames.

The final match went peacefully and without incident, defying all expectations:  the security deployed for the match was one of the largest police operations of its kind in history, with nearly 4,000 agents of all types. 


June 14, 2014