Schibsted Motor Awards Gala 2018

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Schibsted Motor Awards Gala 2018

Client: Schibsted

Objective: To achieve 150,000 online votes for the best cars and motorcycles of the year and organize the Gala for the 2018 Schibsted Motor Awards ceremony.

The nice thing about an award ceremony is seeing the surprise and excitement on attendees’ faces.  It’s a happy occasion.  And when it comes to awarding the best cars and motorcycles of the year, you’re guaranteed that extra-spectacular touch that these marvelous machines bring to an event.

Which is exactly how to describe the Schibsted Motor Awards Gala this past 12th of April:  spectacular.  And no surprise, as it was the culmination of 9 months of work.

Communication campaign for the voting

For there to be winners, there had to be votes.   A lot of votes.  66 motorcycles and 62 cars, distributed into 16 categories, awaited users’ votes.

In order to generate this large volume, we created a digital communication campaign drawing on the feeling of freedom and happiness that driving offers.

For the unifying theme, we chose the happiness and feeling of freedom that driving gives

Consisting of a series of creations in the form of banners, social network posts (including paid platforms), e-mails from the different Schibsted portals (Fotocasa, Habitaclia,,, etc.), and viral videos, the campaign redirected browsers to our voting website.

The result:  over 150,000 votes.  Fifty thousand more than the previous edition.

Communicating the event

At the same time, we worked to make attendance a big success among the brands’ representatives and specialized journalists.

Called to attend with a digital Save-the-date and invitation, they could then register on a website created for the occasion, where they could also find the event’s agenda as well as location and schedule.

The Gala

The chosen venue for the event’s celebration was the exclusive Astilbe Villa—perfect for its particular characteristics and ample space.

After signing in digitally, attendees enjoyed a welcome cocktail and proceeded to the venue’s main room, where a meticulous minimalist scene awaited them with the lighting as one of its key features, creating an intimate atmosphere where the anticipation was palpable.  What no one suspected, however, was that within that scene itself were hidden the winning motorcycle and car, which made their appearance when everyone least expected, the crown point of the night.

The Gala was driven by the humor and charisma of David Guapo, specifically chosen to drive the pace of an event that would be full of surprises.

Once the award ceremony had drawn to a close, attendees went on to the expo area to get an up-close look at the 8 motorcycles and 8 cars that had received the awards.  As you can imagine, there was no lack of selfies and Instagram posts.

Finally, the attendees were immortalized on this great night with a fun photo GIF while the farewell cocktail ensured everyone headed home with the best of tastes in their mouths.


June 24, 2014


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