FCC General Meeting of Shareholders

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Junta general en Barcelona
Vistas desde la Torre de la junta general de FCC
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Podio de la junta de FCC

FCC General Meeting of Shareholders

The Challenge:


To create in the plants 14 and 15 of the Tower Realia of Barcelona an ideal environment for the accomplishment of the FCC General Meeting of Shareholder.


The Solution:


To design a fresh and luminous space, with a unique scenery, inspiring all the decorative elements and graphs used in the skyline of Barcelona. In this occasion, instead of realising a projection during the meeting, LED screens were used, in order to reduce the darkness in the space and keep it luminous, allowing the assistants to enjoy the spectacular views of the city that were integrated in it as a part of the scenery.



October 3, 2015




28 June