La Liga shines in the USA

La Liga shines in the USA

With games featuring Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona (2-3) in Miami, and the MLS All Stars vs. Real Madrid (1-1, although the final score after the penalty kicks was 2-4) in Chicago, La Liga seized an opportunity to promote its brand. How? With a Fan Zone (which we had the pleasure of contributing to) where the public found different attractions to enjoy a very fun and exciting time.

First, it had several play areas, including a mini soccer field on which kids, and kids at heart, could play 3 vs. 3 games, with fans looking on, a goal with a “shot meter,” gauging the speed of their kicks, and another to test their aim.

The Fan Zone also featured a trophy that fans could touch and get photos with, to feel like true champions. In the back there was an LED display in which they could immortalize the moment by personalizing their photographs, with a background created ad hoc for each game.

Finally, the Fan Zone featured a visit by two ambassadors of La Liga: Fernando Sanz and Fernando Morientes. During their visit, some lucky fans even had a chance to play a 3 vs. 3 game with them.

The Fan Zone space also boasted two LED screens on which attendees could enjoy highlights from legendary and historic La Liga games.


July 3, 2014


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