Lopetegui presents Spain’s 23 man World Cup Squad at the Telefónica headquarters

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Lopetegui presents Spain’s 23 man World Cup Squad at the Telefónica headquarters

Client: Telefónica S.A.
Goal: to organise, in an innovative way, the press conference to present the 23 players selected for the 2018 World Cup

The World Cup is just around the corner and the announcement of Lopetegui’s squad was one of the most anticipated moments for football fans. Here at EDT, we were fully aware of this as we prepared the press conference in which the national coach would reveal the names of the 23 players who would take to the field to win back the World Cup in Russia.
The presentation took place at the headquarters of Telefónica, the Spanish team’s main sponsor, and featured a new and impressive production: an approach that used a large audiovisual display with a stage box in total darkness and different holograms with 3D figures of the players.
In order to achieve the desired effect with the holograms we had to shape the stage box that they would be framed in. The whole installation and assembly presented a genuine challenge because of the precision required and the rehearsals necessary to get the holograms to work.
The first thing we had to do to build the stage box was to construct a totally dark box that allowed us to control the light; the size of the box was determined by the size of the hologram we wanted to achieve. In turn, the total size of the installation is determined by the film, which is the support where the hologram is reflected: this is a very delicate transparent film placed at 45º to the projection screen.
This screen is placed on the ground and is hidden in a “pit” to prevent the viewer from seeing the projection. The image is projected on the screen and this in turn is reflected on the film.


In this case, we used two projectors to achieve two hologram zones of about 4m each. The projectors were fixed to the ceiling on a frontal truss (a metal scaffold structure) so that they were hidden from the viewer. We also had two 4 × 3 LED screens on either side of the selector and regulated the intensity in synch with the appearance of the holograms.


In this way, Lopetegui’s list was clearly and visually revealed to those in attendance at the headquarters of Telefónica. Now all that remains is to see how our team does at the World Cup. Let’s win it again!


June 22, 2014