Women for Africa presents its Phare Nador project at the official Endesa suite

Grupo EDT > Women for Africa presents its Phare Nador project at the official Endesa suite

Women for Africa presents its Phare Nador project at the official Endesa suite

Client: Women for Africa Foundation

Objective:  Prepare the presentation of the Phare Nador project for the Women for Africa Foundation at the Endesa headquarters


The problems suffered by women on the African continent is the central focus of the project launched by the Women for Africa Foundation with the support of Endesa: Phare Nador. The project consists of no less than the opening of the Foundation’s first suite in the north of Morocco: a center dedicated to generating, imparting, and sharing knowledge among African women.

Under this umbrella, the Fundación Mujeres (Women’s Foundation) presented the project in an event christened “The Light of Women” at the Endesa headquarters. The event was presided over by H. M. the Queen Letizia of Spain, honorary president of the Foundation, and was attended by such personalities as the President of Congress, Ana Pastor, several Government ministers, and many African ambassadors to Spain.

Accompanying the Women for Africa Foundation and Endesa, we at EDT Events got to work organizing the event and prepared the central space of the Endesa suite in Madrid to receive the attendees. Following the visual line of warm colors which identifies the Foundation, we created an atmosphere that set the presentation apart from the rest of the space, while dividing it into three areas with separate functions.

To entertain the guests before the start of the presentation, we prepared a photographic exposition titled Lights of Nador. That way attendees were able to enjoy the many portraits of the women of the city of Nador until the start of the event.

At the entrance, we held a big photocall and press floor where the event’s guests posed for the media. After that, they entered the central area: a circular floor with two giant screens. Here Monica Carrillo, the event’s host, introduced the project’s representatives.

After the speeches, a round table was held in the space in which Ana Botín, president of Banco Santander; Barbara Hendrix, member of the Foundation’s Advisory Council; and Roberto Fernandez, president of the Board of Rectors of Spanish Universities, discussed the need to find solutions to the situation faced by women in Africa every day.


The event was closed by Queen Letizia, who expressed her happiness and pride in presiding over the event and called for the creation of a more balanced and equal society, free of discrimination. With that, Spain’s top lady concluded an event in which woman was the key focus, one in which we at EDT Events are very proud to have taken part.


June 20, 2014