Award for the most distinguished members of the Real Madrid Soccer Club

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Award for the most distinguished members of the Real Madrid Soccer Club

Client: Real Madrid Soccer Club

Project: delivery of the 2018 insignia pins to distinguished members for their loyalty to the club

The Real Madrid Soccer Club wished to reward the loyalty of its more than 4,500 members for their support, and entrusted EDT with organizing the 2018 Insignia Ceremony.

This past Saturday November 3rd was the appointed date for the event which took place at IFEMA’s pavilion number 9, where a very special celebration presided over by club pres Florentino Perez, members of the board of directors, former Real Madrid players, and honorary president Mr. Francisco Gento awaited guests.

The ceremony commenced at 9AM, at which time the doors opened first to the media:  press, radio, and TV.  After all the news media had taken their places, there to cover one of the Club’s most important events, the doors were opened to members and their guests.

In all, the act recognized 4,593 madridista members, divided into three categories of honor:  Gold and Diamonds, Gold, and Silver.  Each of these categories featured its own box design and, while all of them included the Member card and a personalized diploma signed by the Club president commemorating the occasion, the cases for the Gold and Diamonds and Gold insignia pins were slightly larger than that of the Silver.

Whereas the Silver pins were being presented by hostesses at the counters by member number from the moment the doors opened, the Gold and Diamonds and Gold pins were handed over individually by president Florentino Perez on the stage EDT had erected.  Thus, 116 people received the highest honor for their 60 years of faithful membership; 1,159 guests received the second, for 50 years of membership; and 3,318 the third, for 25 years of supporting the Real Madrid Club.

After two hours of solemn and moving delivery of insignia pins to the most loyal madridistas, a delicious cocktail spread provided by Mallorca put the finishing culinary touch on one of the Real Madrid Soccer Club’s most honorable ceremonies.

All this, of course, was thanks to our team, which put all its effort and passion toward getting the ethos of the event across to its attendees:  EDT was in charge of the management and setup of the entire event.

First of all, we drew up a personal document for each member which Real Madrid sent out in advance of the 2018 Insignia event.

Then we proceeded to hire hostesses and all the supporting personnel, as well as the Mallorca bakeshop’s catering services.  We also prepared the stage so that it would be easily accessible for the president to deliver the pins, and we included special lighting with varying brightness for different moments throughout the event.

We set up a screen for video projection, a space for the trophies won by the soccer and basketball teams last season and those they’ve brought in so far this season, a non-flammable carpet, a podium, and the flags which Real Madrid itself provided us with.

We coordinated sign production and signalization of the different routes attendees would have to walk and established the seating.  We rented the counters for delivery of the Silver pins, all the chairs including 4 wheelchairs, the welcome counters and claims counters, and the cloakroom for Gold and Diamonds and Gold members.

We made a wi-fi connection available to all accredited press members and the Board of Directors with enough bandwidth for them to send texts and high-definition images from the event.

And, once things had kicked off, we made sure to film it all so we could edit a video of what was one of the Real Madrid Soccer Club’s most affective acts.  Not being ones to stop halfway, we also produced 1,000 copies of the video, once it was approved, with their respective cases and covers.


June 16, 2014