Telefónica at the MWC19: stand concept and “gamification” experience

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Telefónica at the MWC19: stand concept and “gamification” experience

Client:  Telefónica

Objective:  unveil the blue giant’s latest developments with a groundbreaking stand featuring interactivity and digitization.


People and connectivity

This year, the 14th edition of the world’s largest tech fair, the Mobile World Congress, revolved around the idea of “intelligent connectivity”.  Once more, EDT in conjunction with Telefónica’s events team participated in the conception, ideation, and development of the stand that would make this concept a tangible reality.

The Spanish multinational are aware of their key role within the technological revolution we’re currently immersed in, which is why they work so that all of us can benefit from digitization.  They put people front and center, because it is people who give sense to technology.  To that end, their company motto is “making the world more human by connecting people’s life”.

Based on that mission statement, we thought up a stand that would function as a meeting point between technology and people, where the two would be connected and speak the same language.

A living stand

Taking inspiration from the philosophy of iconic architect Alvar Aalto, we designed a humanized space inhabited by organic shapes and natural materials where technology was present to connect with people.  It was an intelligent stand, functioning as a living organism, responsive to what was going on at each moment intuitively and in real-time; a breathing “skin of light” that followed and listened to you.

That life in the skin of its main structure manifested itself through three discrete circumstances.  Firstly, it changed color in function of visitors’ profiles as they tried out the demos within the stand, generating a 4-color grid.  Secondly, the walls responded to people’s presence by reflecting them and outlining their silhouette.  Finally, it reacted to every important event that occurred in the Agora, the stand’s gathering space where presentations, demos, and many other activities took place.

Visitor experience:  play as a vehicle for learning

A simple look around the space was enough to ascertain that it was alive, however the idea was not just to take it in on the surface, but to also feel and be taken in by it.  Visitors soaked in the connection between technology and people through a series of demos and “gamification” experiences, all aimed at helping people understand that it is they who bring sense to technology.

Furthermore, all throughout the stand were a series of interactive stations where visitors could dialogue with Telefónica by answering questions about connectivity and privacy.  Using NFC wristbands, we created an experience that culminated in activating the stand’s skin.  Based on their answers, attendees were assigned a profile associated with a particular color.  When the attendee concluded the experience by placing their hand on the last screen, their personal color would light up the structure—a metaphor for the connection arising between people and Telefónica’s technology.

The Agora, a space for telling stories

At the heart of the stand we set up a gathering space, an area to converse and to discover and experience Telefónica beyond its products and services.  A dynamic and varied program was hosted to draw visitors and fill the stand with Telefónica’s life-breath, kicked off by a live broadcast of the MWC19 inaugural address from José María Álvarez-Pallete, CEO of Telefónica.

Throughout the course of the fair’s 4 days, different presentations on the latest developments were delivered by Telefónica’s experts, ranging from Open Access to Movistar Living Apps.  We also found out more about the future of the telecom industry from Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, and José María Álvarez-Pallete.

Additionally, the first European eSports exhibition took place at maximum mobile velocity with “Movistar Riders on 5G”, the stand filled with music and rhythm thanks to a performance from the Movistar+ show Fama a Bailar dance troupe, and laughs were provided by David Broncano, host of La Resistencia, also on Movistar+, who interviewed Berto Romero, actor and humorist starring in Mira lo que has hecho, an original Movistar series.


June 12, 2014


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