Pullmantur presents the Legends of Arabia

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Pullmantur presents the Legends of Arabia

Client: Pullmantur

Objective: Presenting the new Pullmantur itinerary to travel agencies in an impacting and memorable way.


This is a story of magic and contrasts, of ancestral legends that continue unfolding, not only into our times, but far beyond them and into a future that is still being written.

This is the story of how Pullmantur, one of the Europe’s biggest cruise brands, takes on a new destination full of exoticism:  a route spanning the main Arab capitals, with majestic Dubai as its final destination.

And to introduce this singular route, there’s nothing better than immersing those who have direct contact with the travelers, the travel agencies, in a sensory experience to convey the deep significance of a voyage like this one.

The event, which took place at the Palacio de las Alhajas, was called Legends of Arabia:  an oasis of contrasts.

It started off with a speech from the CEO.  His words were accompanied by an artistic performance combining painting, music, and lighting effects to stimulate the audience’s curiosity.  The result was a painting featuring the CEOs words regarding this new destination, which he then signed.

This introduction gave way to a spectacular and immersive video-mapping which flooded the venue with tantalizing images.  It was a moment to sit back and take in the contrasts:  from the sweltering heat of the desert to the oasis’ explosion of life, from ancestral traditions to a bird’s eye view of innovative cities crowned by the tallest buildings in the world; a journey through extremes to transmit the different facets of a single universe.

Before enjoying the exotic cocktail awaiting them above, guests were introduced to the Arabian tradition of falconry and got to pose for photos alongside these beautiful birds of prey.

The journey continued up to the Palace’s top floor where in addition to tasting traditional beverages, the guests enjoyed the oriental aromas of the shisha while live trumpet music mingled with suggestive lighting.

To finish off the night, guests were given a parchment with their name in Arabic, handwritten by a professional scribe.

Without a doubt, it was a beautiful souvenir to add to the evening’s experience.


June 28, 2014