Reencounter: summit of directors Telefónica 2017

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Reencounter: summit of directors Telefónica 2017

Client: Telefónica

Objective: Summit for executives from all the countries in which the brand operates.

Throughout the 30th of November and the 1st of December, we here at EDT took on of one of our most exceptional events. Every two years, Telefónica holds its summit for executives from all the countries where the brand has a business presence. On this occasion, the organisation of the event fell to us, and we made sure that both days at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid turned out perfectly.

The preparation was intense, such that we had a full week prior to the date of the event to undertake the assembly and testing, which required a 100% dedication of a large team.

The event took place in three different areas and it was in the auditorium that one of the most impressive moments took place: the opening of the conference. In a giant cube of LED screens and mirror vinyls constructetd especially for the occasion, we projected a spectacular video, which, when viewed via this screen, reached an almost absolute degree of immersion.

Later on, there was a dinner for 1,000 people, which we organised in a single night. For this section, we planned an informal and dynamic design that was bursting with colour, and included a stage, seven different types of tables and 15 types of chairs. In addition, we hoisted a Tesla up to the third floor to put on display, and we projected a series of video tributes to five workers of the company who provided the dash of emotion that’s vital for getting things started.

In the area of the halls, where we provided the cocktails and the coffees, we installed a tab-strip screen through which the guests could interact. In the next area there were six conference rooms, and we decorated each of these with a different colour. In them, we introduced some surprising elements, such as a simulation of Knight Rider, film tickets and personalised popcorn, which left all the attendees with happy memories.


June 27, 2014


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