Reencounter: summit of directors Telefónica 2018

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Reencounter: summit of directors Telefónica 2018

Client: Telefónica

Objective: International gathering of members of senior management from all the countries in which the brand operates


On the 29th and 30th of November, one of our highest-profile events took place on the outskirts of Madrid.  For the second time, the Caja Magica hosted the Annual Telefonica Executives Summit.

In view of a challenge of this caliber and with the determination that defines us, we at EDT set to work organizing these two intense days, over the course of which more than 900 of the multinational company’s executives would gather from all the countries in which it has a presence.

The prep-work was no small task, and the details to ensure everything would go to plan were many.  So many, in fact, that it took our personnel nine full days and the utmost commitment and dedication to carry out the unloading of the materials, the setting up of the multiple areas, and the many practice sessions for the speakers from Telefonica who would be presenting during the 2018 Summit.

Over a week of hard work went into fitting out the Caja Magica to meet the requirements of a gathering of this dimension and nature.

We set the tone of the event with a crisp, minimalist ambiance, and designed the layout of the space to have an open dynamic, distributing the interior of the Caja Magica into 6 separate areas where the sessions’ various activities would take place.

The first, the access zone, where attendees presented their accreditation, featured customized counters, carpets, and flags bearing the multinational’s logo.  The design was simple and basic in harmony with the character of the event.

The presentation of the new business strategy, the different speeches, and the medals ceremony all took place in the auditorium, the main area where some of the key moments transpired.  The hall was decked with tailor-made scenery, and a ceiling, grandstand, and floor pitched for the big occasion.  Two 18-meter wide by 5-meter tall screens at a 5-degree angle projected the audiovisual materials accompanying the speeches.

The gala dinner was next, that very night of Thursday 29th.  The space, which saw nearly 1,000 people dined, was given an informal air with enlivening touches of color.  The special lighting system provided a low-lit, relaxed atmosphere, complemented by simple décor consisting of graphics and vinyls on the windows and lamé panels on the doors.

The following day, Friday, the surprise medals ceremony took place, honoring the 5 international executives present.  We had had a 3-dimensional logo with a diameter of 1m 90 made for the occasion, which added to the sentiment and intimate tone of the ceremony.

For the interventions of the different countries, we hung five curtains which generated volume and served as a virtual spotlight to introduce the respective names, framing them on the screen.

The coffee-break and breakfast area and the office and meeting room area were also decorated and tailored for the event.

We had conceived of 8 booths in the open spaces of the Caja Magica; the meeting rooms for the 8 mini-conferences the executives attended.  Provided with screens, footrests, cushions, and other furnishings brought in specifically for the Summit, the 8 explanatory talks covered topics ranging from 5G to AI to Human Resources.

And so it was that the 2018 edition of the Annual Telefonica Executives Summit went according to plan—a total success which we hope to repeat next year.


June 13, 2014