The Duodécima Retransmition and Celebration

The Duodécima Retransmition and Celebration

Mere days after the celebration of La Liga at Cibeles, EDT Events was once again hard at work for Real Madrid.  For the third time in 4 years, and the second year in a row, they were in charge of broadcasting the UEFA Champions League Final at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, as well as the ensuing celebration of the Twelfth at Cibeles and at the stadium in the case of a victory.  Three events in one, all within the span of 24 hours.



This year, the big novelty was the distribution of the screens, as they tackled the challenge with 8 giant high definition LED screens at center field.  The circular formation and slight inclination of the screens optimized the visibility of the match from any point in the stadium.


At Cibeles, the now traditional 360o runway was set up around the fountain, so that the players could make the round of honor and show off the cup to the hundreds of thousands of fans that had gathered.  There was also a ramp providing access to the goddess Cybele herself, so the team captains could garland her with the Real Madrid scarf and flag.


To set the mood for the expectant fans awaiting the team’s arrival at Cibeles, a stage was erected from which DJ Pulpo had them dancing and enjoying themselves as he alternated between victory chants.  Finally, the fans were able to give a warm welcome to the players, who arrived mounted on an open-top bus specially decked out for the celebration.


The end of the line was the Bernabeu stadium, where the final party took place.  With Miki Nadal as master of ceremonies, the 11 previous Champions League wins were remembered in an audiovisual spectacle combining the LED screens, with an impressive mapping of over 1,500m2, and a choreographed light show by way of cell phone screens.


After the initial show, the players appeared one by one on an LED platform, escorted by light cannons and effects.


The climax of the celebration was a pyrotechnics display that lit up the Madrid sky with hundreds of colorful fireworks, followed by the walk of honor as the finishing touch, when the players accompanied by their family members presented the cup to all the Real Madrid fans.


September 15, 2014