A parking for Ganvam and his new strategic plan

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A parking for Ganvam and his new strategic plan

Client:  Ganvam.

Objective:  Present their new strategic plan to the press and the automotive sector in a different and special way.

Ganvam, thanks to EDT, has experienced first-hand the thrill of taking their professional trajectory spanning more than 60 years in the automobile sector on a 180-degree joyride into the present.  Considering that the sign of the times this past decade has been constant change in matters of mobility and the rise of digitization on all levels, no company or association can afford to stay behind.

This past 18th of September, the luxurious car park at 52 Núñez de Balboa was the chosen spot to unveil the surprises that the National Autonomous Group of Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Sellers had been working on for several months.  The symbolic space was outfitted to the millimeter for the occasion.

The event welcomed its first guests at 10:00 AM with a cup of coffee to awaken all their senses so they wouldn’t miss a single detail of what was coming next.  For the next hour, thirty-four journalists hung on the words of Lorenzo Vidal de la Peña, president of the association, who disclosed to them the specifics of the new era which will be the next 5 years of Ganvam’s life.

The second part, consisting of presenting the new rejuvenated image to automotive industry figures, began at 12:15 PM.  An elegant Elías Domingo, Director of Communication, Brand and Institutional Relations of Ganvam, kicked off the second round. Later, Javier Diaz Gimenez, Doctor of Economy and IESE professor, ant the president Lorenzo Vidal presented the innovative strategic plan with support from a rebranding video explaining in detail the brand’s new logo, typography, and colors.  Ana Sanchez Anes, the new general manager, also gave a speech which ended with a round table featuring the event’s three kingpins and concluded with Javier Diaz thanking all those in attendance.  After these talks, the guests were able to enjoy a delicious cocktail and exchange their impressions of the event.

Setting the scene

For this special occasion, we prepared the car park to host the presentation and its more than 100 guests.  The first task at hand was organizing the event staff, which involved sending out a save-the-date and e-mail reminder of the place, date, and time of the presentation.

We were also in charge of the design and graphic production for the event, as well as all the audiovisual production.  The space was lit up by projectors, casting Ganvam’s corporate blue into every corner.  A floor was installed at the far end of the car park where the three main speakers laid out the new strategic plan, with some dynamic and very engaging presentations appearing on a giant LED screen located behind them to support their speeches visually.

As the event drew to its close, guests received an event favor: a notepad and USB drive bearing the Ganvam logo  –          and the documentation with all the information of the plan so they could go deeper into their homes or offices. –          una libreta y un USB con el logo de Ganvam y la documentación con toda la información del plan para que pudieran profundizar en sus casas u oficinas    After that, all that was left for us to do was draw up the final mailing and put together a video-summary and a making-of with the images our audiovisual crew took during the event.

After a great positive effort, the presentation of Ganvam’s strategic plan was a total hit, and we at EDT are proud to have been a part of it.


June 19, 2014