Telefónica returns to the MWC in 2018

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Telefónica returns to the MWC in 2018

Client: Telefónica
Objective: to fuse all the new developments and innovations the company is rolling out this year into a single space in an attractive and interactive way


Telefónica kept its date with the Mobile World Congress once more in 2018 under the theme “Choose Tomorrow, Today”, with the objective of discussing digital transformation.
Accompanying them again this edition was EDT Events, in charge of transforming their stand so that Telefónica would appear before the world with a loud and clear, cohesive message.
A large wave-shaped and immersive screen welcomed attendees. This screen not only displayed dynamic content, but also interacted with the public by collecting visitors’ wishes and hopes for future technology which they uploaded to the screen’s universe by blowing the seeds of a digital dandelion on their smartphone. A creative game to get across in a visually attractive way that we are in the midst of a digital revolution and that Telefónica is the best point of reference to accompany people, companies, and our society along the path of digital transformation and create a better future for everyone.


Five spaces. 5 great stories to tell

The Telefónica stand also consisted of 5 areas, each showcasing new technologies being presented at the MWC 2018.

The Virtual Den

One of the new things being introduced by Telefónica was the Virtual Den, their innovative approach to the new ways of experiencing entertainment. It’s a digital space to share content with friends and family, wherever they may be, and view it together.

By donning a pair of VR goggles, attendees immersed themselves in a virtual room which could be shared with up to two other connected people. Each of them, with simulated connections from different parts of the world (e.g. Barcelona, London, or Rio de Janeiro), was represented digitally by an avatar, so they could see themselves interacting with each other.

Industry 4.0

Industry is one of the areas with most potential in terms of digitization and one in which Telefónica has been very actively working and innovating.
In this edition, Telefónica demonstrated the broad range of possibilities offered by new technologies such as AR Maintenance, Blockchain, and 5G, applied to the optimization of industrial processes. The first is capable of remotely attending to a maintenance issue with the production line in real time. The second makes it possible to follow the process of manufacture, distribution, and post-sale of parts (automobile parts, for the moment).
For the Blockchain presentation we put together an interactive game that was displayed both on the large immersive screen and a touch screen. Through this game people could find out in real time what phase a car part was in and modify the environmental conditions.
To tie AR Maintenance into this narrative line, once the part arrived at its destination a robotic arm came into play, assembling the different parts to build a toy car that it would then push down a ramp, symbolizing that the vehicle was completed and in working order.


Evolving to 5G

Consistent with the message of leadership in virtualization and network architecture that Telefónica wanted to convey, we set up an illustration of the 5G Network Slicing concept. To do so we made use of one of the simplest objects possible: a ball—although it was floating in a constant stream of air.
Visitors would place themselves in front of the ball with a pair of VR goggles on and get a brief introduction to the benefits of 5G technology. Then, a mini-game would start up in which they had to catch the ball by interacting with the fan at 5G speed.


Internet for everyone

Telefónica is seeking to universalize access to high-speed Internet in rural areas of Latin America, with support from partners such as Google and Facebook.
In order to involve attendees and raise their awareness regarding this fact, they were invited to play a game on a 23” touchscreen which consisted of connecting a particular rural area to the Internet. To accomplish this, they had to make use of both geographical information and knowledge of Telefónica, provided to them through the application.



At the previous MWC, Telefónica had presented Aura as their new model for client relations, and this year it was time for its commercial launch.
When a visitor arrived at the stand, first they could configure their own Aura to then awaken it and interact with it on those platforms where it is already present, such as Facebook, Telefónica mobile apps in different countries, and Movistar Plus.

Great proposals and projects presented at the Telefónica stand at the 2018 Mobile World Congress.


June 25, 2014