This is how we celebrated Real Madrid’s 13th Champions League title

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This is how we celebrated Real Madrid’s 13th Champions League title

Client: Real Madrid C.F.

Goal: to broadcast the Champions League Final at the Bernabéu and, if they won, to arrange everything necessary to celebrate it in the Plaza de Cibeles and the stadium.

When everyone thought that winning three consecutive Champions Leagues was a fantasy, Real Madrid won their 13th and we at EDT Eventos were there by their side once again.

As a result we organised three events in one: the broadcast of the final to the Bernabéu, the celebration at the Plaza de Cibeles and the celebration in the Stadium with the fans. All this packed into 24 hours and with clearly marked objectives: to create an electric atmosphere at the Santiago Bernabéu during the screening of the final, to make Cibeles rejoice with the club anthem and to start up the cheers of celebration for all the fans who came to the Stadium to welcome the players.

The concept for the broadcast of the game was to have eight giant high-definition LED screens set up in the shape of an octagon. By setting the screens up this way, and by inclining them slightly, we managed to make sure that all 80,000 fans in the Bernabéu had an excellent view whereever they were sitting in the stands.

A new feature incorporated this year was a cylindrical LED structure located at the centre of the pitch: a 16 LED column that came to life just as Real Madrid were proclaimed champions.

With this technology and with the great Miki Nadal as master of ceremonies, Madridistas were able to enjoy and experience the emotion of the match played in Kiev, a battle that ended with their team victorious and with a flood of streamers bursting across the stadium, getting the fans out their seats as ‘We Are The Champions’ rung out.

And then came EDT’s big challenge: organising a huge celebration in Cibeles with only a few hours before fans started arriving. We set a fantastic team in motion that, once again, made the impossible possible. On Sunday afternoon, the goddess Cibeles proudly looked down at the platform that we has set up to run 360º around the fountain so that the players could give a victory lap and show off their coveted European Cup.

We also installed an access so that captains Sergio Ramos and Marcelo could crown Cibeles herself with the Madrid scarf and flag.

Fans began to fill the square at around five o’clock in the afternoon. To keep them entertained while they waited for the players, who were taking the trophy to the Almudena Cathedral, the Community of Madrid and City Hall, a set was installed so that Dj Pulpo could make everyone dance and celebrate, alternating between Madrid songs and current hits.

After hours of waiting, the players made their appearance in the square on an open top bus with, which had been specially decorated for the celebration, and the fans gave a warm welcome to Real Madrid while the club anthem rang out.

The bus’s next and last stop was the team’s cathedral, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, where the grand finale awaited. Firstly, the Real Madrid basketball team, which was presenting its tenth European Cup, appeared to greet the fans. The photo of this presentation is also one for the histiory books since it is the first time in history that a club has won the title in both disciplines.

After this, everyone present was reminded of the 12 European Cups that the team had already won, displayed in an audiovisual show. A show that made more than 80,000 people’s hair stand on end.

After this warm-up show, the Real Madrid players made their appearance from behind what was another great innovation this year: screens powered by robotic arms that opened to allow the players on to the pitch.
Thus, while Miki Nadal made the announcements, the screens showed a video presentation of each player as he was about to make his appearance; then the articulated arms opened the screens and the player emerged, through a tunnel of lasers and accompanied by light cannons and FX, and climbed the column at the centre of the pitch.

The cherry on top of this dream event was a pyrotechnic show that lit up the Madrid sky while Real Madrid lifted their 13th UEFA Champions League trophy and its fans, and the EDT team, enjoyed one of the most special nights of the year.


June 21, 2014