Zamora International Convention

Zamora International Convention

Conventions are always special.  Once a year, professionals from a company gather to see how things have gone, in what areas they can improve, and how they picture the future.


They are events with a strong corporate component, combining work sessions with more relaxed team building activities.  Employees’ excitement about starting the year on a good foot is palpable.


But when the Convention is for a group of such impact as Zamora International, then you know the project will breathe passion, be in excellent taste, and have an innovative atmosphere.


And with these objectives in mind, we at EDT went to work hand in hand with the Zamora Company

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Venue – A charming corner

For the venue we chose Hotel Secortel Villa in Laguardia and Casa Villa Lucía, within 100 meters of hotel itself, where the presentations and some of the team-building activities were held.  The combination was thought through to provide maximum logistical agility for the convention.


And as a backdrop, thousands of acres of vineyards in shades of ocher and the Obarenes Mountains.


A corner for every brand

The challenge of setting up the venue consisted of providing each of the brands in attendance with their own space, while integrating them perfectly into the new global Zamora International brand.


To this end, in addition to a decorative presence on the main stage, with logoed vinyls and bottles from each brand, some of them received their own corner serving as a televised set from which to make live connections during the different presentations.  This resulted in the audiovisual component being one of the main features from an organizational perspective.


Team-building activities

Of course there was also space for group activities aimed toward developing team relationships:  wine tastings, thematic musical performances, creative cooking, and—being the right place and time of year—the world famous Haro Wine Battle, from which our attendees emerged victorious but soaked.


And what better closing than a gala dinner at La Merced, with prestigious Chef Lorenzo Cañas at the head of the table.


Digital component

For the occasion we custom-developed an app for the client, which would provide service before, during, and after the event.  From the start, it proved to be a support tool for attendees for things like checking the details of the agenda, the hotel, and the speakers, as well as interacting with each other through the private chat. 


The app’s notifications dynamized and informed in real time, announcing news being posted to the app, the changing weather conditions, or serving as a schedule reminder.


However, the star functionality was the live voting during the presentations, which allowed attendees’ opinions and knowledge on certain topics to be known in real time.


And of course, after the event’s close, the app served to collect attendee feedback—a vital resource for knowing which aspects were hits and which showed room for improvement.


July 4, 2014