Our Philosophy



At EDT we’ve been generating unforgettable experiences for each of our clients since 1987.  “And what is the key to being in the market for 30 years and still be advancing every day?” some people ask us.  We’ll let you in on a secret:  we’re different.  What distinguishes us is our degree of involvement, our style, the way we make each project our own, and our way of understanding the relationship with the client, who we place at the center.


We are a communications agency using experience, talent, and events to convey a message.  And to keep our clients coming back to us every day, we build on two fundamental pillars:  our commitment to our values and our philosophy of work.


The client, our best ally


We see the client as our main objective.  Each client has its own DNA, and once we’ve understood it, we become a team and fuse together so that projects turn into a common goal.  We share the processes of creation, development, and production, building sincere relationships that last.


Work together, grow together.


Everything with passion and talent

Passion and talent and the true engines of our company.  EDT is full of people with great potential, eager to exploit it to the fullest and that is what leads each one of us to give our utmost to each project, always with unfaltering passion.


The sky is the limit

At EDT nothing is too daunting for us; we’ll make it happen.  We don’t impose limits on our creativity and we take each project to its fullest capacity.


Adapting to changes

Our environment advances, and we along with it.  We’re flexible, always maintaining the solid core of who we are.  We look forward to receiving challenging projects because those are the ones that enrich us and cause us to evolve.


Our hallmark

At EDT we follow a holistic working methodology that implicates people across all departments.  United, we form a whole and make up a multidisciplinary team, with varied profiles and a lot of seniority, leaving a mark of expertise on every project.

The house’s mark is on all of those who have joined and become part of the family, growing and developing along with us.  We firmly believe in the power of EDT, which is what generates the strongest bonds of commitment.